Our story

With a new baby, a 2 year old, and a 5 year old, the search began for beautiful, open-ended toys that all three of my children could enjoy.  Most baby toys were not suitable for toddlers (let alone a kindergartener) and most toys for my oldest were unsafe for a baby.  As a result, Nomari Design was born. 

My name is Christine and I am the founder of Nomari Design. I began by creating custom designed toys for my own children.  I took inspiration from observations of my own children, research of child development stages, and aspects of various teaching philosophies to drive my designs. For example, I love the concept of Montessori but struggled with what to do with a material after my child had mastered it. I was determined to find a way to isolate the work for the child while allowing each piece to have multiple uses and find new life as new work for various ages. I also love the imaginative play encouraged in Waldorf education but find many toys are not safe for children under 3 years of age.  There are times when an older child does need to manipulate truly small parts but I wanted the bulk of our toys and materials to be age appropriate for all of my children.  Before I consider each design complete, I ensure that it not only grows with the child but that it also can be played with by children in various stages of development.

These handmade yet innovative toys quickly became favorites for my children. We already had various wooden and open ended toys in our home but these new designs were getting the most love. They were so well loved that I decided to share these unique toys with all of you...and here we are!

Thank you for supporting my small family business. I hope the Nomari Design toys bring as much joy to the children in your life as they have to mine!